Hyper Hyper Hyperactive Hyper Super Hyper Light Beam Hyper Game, a.k.a. Hyperactive Light Beam Game, is a shame (arcade game) that comprimises the use of the Hyper Hyper Hyper Beam and the Hyper Beam. It's slogan is "Hyp-your-ass Light Beam destroy opponents ass for nothing!". Anyway, the game is a shooting game that uses either one of the two beams to kill Bulbasore. Then, after killing it, you will go onto the next stage. There are a variety of glitches in this game. Oh yeah and seizures, too. Plenty of seizures.


There are many notable glitches here, especially the "Hyper Beam Beam", the "Yellow Game" and the "Stage 999".

Hyper Beam BeamEdit

In stage 3, when Bulbasore uses "Hyper Hyper Hyper Beam", and if you shoot the word "Hyper Beam" thrice, it will become Hyper Beam Beam. The Hyper Beam Beam is perhaps the most powerful of all, lasting for 15 minutes making it up to Stage 124. It is beacause that Hyper Hyper Hyper Beam is actually using the GUI code of 246081235-244542355-4334534233. And upon clicking Hyper Beam twice, the number from the Hyper Beam Beam would be 245436436436435436364354534634563 (323533264315) by right. That is because the Hyper Beam GUI's code is found <22=pp=xcodehyperbeamyourass+9=pow> , and the "pp" in the code is actually "power-point", therefore it equals up to that amount. But due to +9, it could only happen once there are 9 moves. In each stage, there are 3 moves. Therefore, Stage 3 is affected.



Sorry, this shame is so complicated and glitchy that any further information would result in an explosion.

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