Groudon is a giant Legendary Pokemon, and is also the heaviest (Yet MissingNo. is even heavier, yet they don't say it's official.). One day Groudon was hanging out with his college room-mate Kyogre (who was actually rumored to live in the sea). They were just walking and talking when Kyogre tryed to steal some of Groudon's money. Groudon saw this and got annoyed and shouted at Kyogre who shouted back and they started beating each other to a bloody pulp. While they were fighting a dragon called Rayquaza came oves because they woke him up and Hyper Beamed them until they were dust. Groudon and Kyogre (as dust) were floating in the breeze one day talking about politics when some guy with a vacuum came over and sucked them up. Despite this, Groudon appears in Pokemon Ruby in its true form.