Is he ugly or what?

Gary Oak is the son of Professor Oak and Delia Ketchum, and the biggest jerk in the entire Pokemon world. He loves tormenting Ash Ketchum and his lame friends. He's also the current ringleader of the gym leaders in Kanto, succeeding Giovanni. He was once the Kanto champion of evil, but he was utterly pwned by Ash Ketchum and his own team of Pokemon.

Even without the terrorist group the Elite Four at his side, he is still not a foe to be underestimated. Not many dare to face him......and most are too lazy to unlock the door to his gym. His pokemon team is well-diversed, unlike the other gym leaders who stupidly only use one type of Pokemon in battles. He keeps his Pokeballs in his butt. He is rarely actually in his gym, because he is a jerk.

He is guarded by an incredibly annoying arrow puzzle, similar to Giovanni before him. He also has trainers that use various types of Pokemon, making getting to him somewhat of a challenge as well.

If we're lucky, he'll get killed in an "accident."

Here are his demonic Pokemon:

Exeggutor Level 100

Arcanine Level 100

Gyarados Level 100

Rhydon Level 100

Alakazam Level 100

Pidgeot Level 100

Lost in a bet:

Venusaur Level 100

Blastoise Level 100

Charizard Level 100

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