Furret are d***-like Pokemon that evolve from the puny little Sentret at level 15. Despite its short legs, it is run at the speed of 700 miles per hour making it the fastest Pokemon in the world.


Furret may look cute but it is really very dangerous, It mostly eats Rattata but beware because they will try to eat any human they see so be careful.


Furret mostly live in meadows, There nests are made out of the bones from the People and Pokemon they killed.


Furret use there super speed to catch there victims, There can eat Pokemon up to 30 times bigger than themselfs, One Furret successfully swallowed a Wailord in one bite.


Nobody has ever caught a Furret because they are too dangerous to even battle. Some trainers paint there Ekans or Quilava to look like Furret, Ash faced one of these trainers in the Silver Conference.

Interesting FactsEdit

Furret are taller than Human-Beings but nobody really cares.

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