Empoleon aka Emperte. Empoleon is a penguin that nobody likes. He wants to be dead so if you are dumb enough to have the shame, make him suffer. This Pokmeon evolves from the stuck-up Prinplup, which evolves from the snobby Piplup. Just like Piplup/Snivy and Prinplup/Servine, Empoleon has a feud with Serperior. Like their pre-evolutions, they stick their noses up and refuse to acknowledge each other. However, they also slap each other, trying to make their noses come down. If a human sticks its nose up, Empoleon will do that to the human. Thus, Empoleon is banned, because it is dangerous. Think of it this way: You see a bird Pokemon and look up, but then your crazy Empoleon breaks your skull with its flipper.

This article is short and dumb like Oddish. You can help UnPokemon thingy by spamming on this page before Ash gets you!

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