An Ekans.


Ekans is a Pokemon that resembles a snake. Sure, it looks like a snake but according to our research department it's really a land eel. It is mostly purple, just like like Barney. It evolves into Arbok which is an actual snake (Well, in the Pokemon Shames.

Behaviour Edit

Ekans likes to constrict the air out of its prey. They can also bite, despite they slightly lack fangs. It can hiss, and, like all other Pokemon, it can say its name, yet it puts WAY too much Eses (S) at the end, just making it another talking snake stereotype.

In the Pokemon Anime Edit

Jessie of Team Rocket owns an Ekans, which later evolved. It then got replaced by a Seviper when they were in Hoenn (Actually, Jessie released her Arbok because it kept biting her head). Like most Pokemon in the show, it was at least defeated by Ash's Pikachu.

Trivia Edit

  • Ekans is the first pure Poison type Pokemon in the National Pokedex, yet it lost to Bulbasore and its evolutions when it comes to just having the type.
  • So far, Ekans don't appear to have fangs, despite its bite can be deadly.
  • Its name is snake backwards but nobody cares... unless your a Super Nerd (That is also a Pokemon Trainer type in the shames).