Durian Aroma is a poison-type move learned by a few grass-types Pokemon. As the name says, this move fires out a condensed, revolting durian smell - many Pokemon hate this smell - and it lowers the Pokemon's evasion to the minimum. It deals a high amount of damage, but it have 40% chance for the enemy Pokemon to be poisoned. Enemy Pokemon cannot escape from this move.


  • Type: Poison
  • PP: 25 (max. 42)
  • Power: 100
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Physical Contact?: No
  • Range?: Yes
  • Affect?: Two opponents

Pokemon that Can LearnEdit


Nobody knows where this move came about, it is possible that those Pokemon who learn it must have hate the durians because of the smell. The smell can be an advantage. In order to survive without getting hunted by other Pokemon or humans, they use the durian smell to defend themselves.

Some scientist suggest that there is a prehistoric Pokemon, which is the present Pokemon's ancestors, that looks and smells like durian, and pass on their traits and genes to the present Pokemon.

Other theory is ridiculous - god gives them durian smell.

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