Digimon VS Ash is a show on the Unpokemon Channel. The plot is chronologically after Ash's Idiotic Adventures, in which a computer malfunctions while Ash is on it an accidentally presses a key that says "DIGI", and Ash accidentally presses it since the Toaster that was flushed hit him, and his head hit the key, releasing the Digimon from the computer, and abruptly attack Ash for releasing them, but are then thrown out of Ash's house by Pikachu's deadly Thunderbolt, but the Digimon manage to survive, and plan revenge...


1. Agumon's Rage

2. Ash turns a house into a robot

3. Digimon and Porygon! Friend or foe?

4. The Ultimate Disc

5. Porygon Evolves! An equivalent of Digivolution?


Agumon, the main protagonist, who plans to destroy Ash and get back on their computer.

Veemon, the secondary protagonist, who is Agumon's friend.

Impmon , the Deuteragonist, who has the same plans as Agumon, but very mischevious to Digimon.

Porygon, the 2nd Deuteragonist, who finds the Digimon and helps them but first attacks them in the third episode, and evolves into Porygon2 by finding a Silph Co. Disc in the 4th episode and Porygon-Z by finding a Dubious Disc in the 5th episode.

Pikachu, the secondary antagonist, who is Ash's spoiled pet to attack intruders.

Ash, the main antagonist, who sends his abused Pokemon.

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