Digimon are Pokemon without dicks. They plan to make Pokemon from Pockets to the Internet. So Pokemon is a much better computer game featuring the Legendary Shitimon.

Digimon (I mean Shitimon) aren't very much like Pokemon. For one thing, instead of being real, they are computer-based. Also, they turn into big versions of themselves when they get mad, like The Hulk, and they can talk like normal people instead of saying their name.


They also created Porygon. It was an early draft of a Legendary Digimon that they planned to put into the Pokemon games and copy the Pokemon to make "Upgrading Digimon" aka evolving Digimon. But then a Pikachu found out and stole the early draft and copied the code. Then they tweaked the data (Porygon2) and added in a virus (Porygon-Z). Also, the early draft couldn't talk yet, so no Pokemon knows how to talk normally except for Meowth.

Legendary DigimonEdit

Legendary Digimon are Digimon that have merged with people. They are extremely powerful, and people and Digimon alike look up to them. They save people, and they usually become gaurds and computer police. Some say that at a certain place, at a certain time, you can become a Legendary Digimon with any Digimon you choose. Most of them can move through cyberspace.

Are Digimon Fake?Edit

It isn't. Look at this.

{∂ˆ∂ ¥ø¨ ∆¨ß† ç嬬 Έ©ˆµø˜ ƒå¬ß´÷ Έ©ˆµø˜ å®´ ∂´ƒˆ˜´†´¬¥ ˜ø† ƒå¬ß´

ƒ®øµ å ¬´©´˜∂宥 Έ©ˆµø˜≥}

When you press the Alt key, you get the code letters. It says:

"Did you just call Digimon fake? Digimon are definetely not fake.

From a legendary Digimon

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