Delia Ketchum (Also known as Ash's Mom and referred to by random strangers speaking to Ash Your Mom) is the unhappy adoptive mother of you know who as evidenced by her last name, your presumed knowledge of the Pokemon Anime, and the possible fact that you put your mouse over the link that, at first impressions, is shown as "you know who." The reason why she is unhappy is because her son is very unintelligent as he is still stuck in "Special Private Pre-School" and is the only student there. His best grade ever was a G- (How? He only got 23% of a question right. We don't know how that's possible, but- oh well!). Because of his stupidity he caused all sorts of problems for people. When he finally decided to leave to become the Pokemon Champion she was glad, although this led to chaos outside of Pallet Town. Currently, it is unknown who is her husband is.

Trivia Edit

  • In the future she's going to change her name because of her past. (The fact that she has a criminal record and raised a retard who is currently trying to get all Pocket Monsters extinct are the reasons behind this motive. You should know that stuff anyway.)

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