Charmander in the Digiworld.


A Charmander.

Charmander is the forth Pokemon species in the Pokedex. It is also the first Fire-type Pokemon in the National Pokedex. It is one of the Starter Pokemon in the first shames. It evolves into Charmeleon. It is called the best of the Kanto starters since it evolves into the fat lizard Charizard at the right level. It got replaced by Cyndaquil in Generation 2. It also looks like a cross between a salamander and a really ugly dinosaur

Appearance Edit

Charmander appears as some lizard that has its tail on fire, and it NEVER goes out. This makes Chimchar look like a rip-off since its butt is on fire. Anyway, due to their tails, they cause a ton of fires in the Pokemon Universe, and Ash Ketchem was simply stupid enough to get one...

Habitat Edit

No one doesn't really know, but it is sometimes seen at mountains.

Notable Charmanders Edit