Ash's Bulbasore launching it's Hyper Light Beam.

A Bulbasore is a Grass-Type Pokemon that usually haves pain all the time. Yet being the first Pokemon in the Pokedex, it is one of the rarest Pokemon ever. It can only be found in captivity. It evolves into Ivysuar. It is the only first form of a Starter Pokemon to have more than two types.


It is rumored that this Pokemon's original name was just 'Bulba', but it kept getting its butt kicked in battle all the time, so it would always be saying "Bulba sore!" That old man Doctor Tree name then came along and just assumed the thing's name was Bulbasore. Next, he started capturing them so random people could train them without licenses or signing contracts and stuff like that.


  • It is also named Bulbasaur by a few, as this name doesn't make a big difference.
  • For some reason, people keep calling them turtles even though there was a turtle starter as well as another turtle starter that is also a plant type, yet they call it a dinosaur.