Brock is Ash's bisexual friend who stalks Ash throughout every region with an exception of the Orange Islands, Unova, or Kalos. He is the self-proclaimed King of All Pimps, and therefore talks to every single female he meets as if they are in a really bad interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. Nobody likes him, especially Croagunks. Brock goes through all this while still flirting with random people because he knows that every person he talks to goes insane within a year. The makers of the Pokemon TV show made him because they wanted straight people to be uncool, which happens to be the same desire of all-boy and all-girl schools. He is also a spy for team rocket, which is why team rocket always track Ash down. Other proof of this theory is that he owned a zubat, the most common pokemon used by team rocket, and nobody noticed him catch it.