Boxes, aka Pokemon Boxes are these things on computers that somehow hold Pokemon. To store a Pokemon in a box a person has to throw a Pokemon into a trash compactor until they are paper thin then force them into the disk drive until they are in the computer. The box system has become very popular despite the fact that it kills the Pokemon that are stored. The box system was created by Doctor Tree name on a Tuesday. Porygons cannot be stored in a Box due to their inability to be crushed by the trash compactor (they are virtual) and their vicious nature, causing them to eat all the Pokemon in the Box. Boxes can be named for some reason and can have a number of retarded backgrounds; many people get annoyed at the backgrounds for 2 reasons; 1: there is no Ghost-type background and 2: if they store their Mudkipz in a Box they will die, requiring the Mudkip-''lieking'' trainer to carry around illegal numbers of Pokeballs, causing the Pokemon mafia to ''silence'' them.