Barney, being shot to death. However, since he's immortal, he lived on.

Barney is a dinosaur, who has been around the times of the ancient Pokemon. He is the only talking thing to see the fight of Kyrogre and Groudon, despite everyone who was listening to him talk about it died of either waiting so long or being eaten by Barney. Recently, Barney hides in the trees and bushes at certain Routes, jumping out when someone gets too close. Barney had once eaten someone who peed on the bush he was in, and Barney regretted that day. In the show, Team Rocket has let him join their team for a bit, but he got executed when he started eating the other grunts. However, since Barney is immortal, he lived on. His current location is unknown. However, he is now usually seen duking it out with Elmo now.


In the Shames Edit