Ash uses a Toaster is the first episode of Ash's Idiotic Adventures.


Ash Ketchem decides to make himself some breakfast for the first time ever. Things go bad.


Ash walks into his kitchen and takes out the toaster. He hopes that he can do something normal for the first time in his life...

ASH: Hmm... I think I'll make myself some toast... As you know what they say from the one Mario shame called Inn Mario: "You know what they say: All Toast toast Toasters!"

Forgetting how toasters work as he saw in the game Inn Mario, Ash put the toaster on a slice of bread. He plugs in the toaster and waits. Several minutes later...

ASH: What's taking so long? OH well, I'll go eat my food.

Unintelligently he attempts to stuff the toaster down his entire mouth. It can barely fit into it.

ASH: Darn. Why can't I eat it? Maybe I should put something in this one hole thingy.

Ash puts his hand in the toaster and starts swearing loudly.

ASH: OH MY (Bleep)ING HAND! OH YOU (Bleep) ING MOTHER... Uh... (Beep)ER!

Ash walks backwards into his bathroom and falls in the toilet. He gets out of the toilet, removes the toaster from his burnt up hand and attempts to flush the toaster down the toilet, but he fails.

ASH: AHHH! It won't die!

Ash runs out of his house and ends up getting trapped in a clothesline.

ASH: What does everyone have against me?

Ash attempts to free himself, but he is stuck so he cries.

Eventually he is freed from the clothesline by some random hobo, but quickly gets his head stuck in a bucket.

ASH: Why is it so dark and cramped now?

Ash blindly walks towards a bunch of stairs and falls down. He ends up at the bottom of the stairs in tons of pain and fear.

The next day Ash is finally back home but he is scared to go to the bathroom as his toaster is in there. The episodes ends with him going to the doorway of the bathroom and shudders.


  • This is the first time Ash ever cussed.


  • Be glad you're not an idiot. If you are, make sure you don't have a toaster phobia.
  • Remember to put the bread in the toaster.

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