"Ash uses a Sledgehammer" is the first episode of season 6 of Ash's Idiotic Adventures. It might take material from Homer Simpson.

Summary Edit

Ash finds a sledgehammer on the ground. After he reads the instructions on how to use it, he starts hammering things everywhere.

Script Edit

Ash: [singing off-key] La la la la la...

Ash trips over a sledgehammer which says "Sledgehammer".

Ash: No! Stupid hamburger! ["No" sounds like "D'oh", which Homer Simpson says.]

Ash: Hmm… dis tig says "Slaydujayhamumayor". [Thinks for a while] That must mean "big hamburger on the side of the road!" I so smart!

Ash picks it up.

Ash: Hmm… these probably be instructions so that I am can use the big hamburger.

He reads them, and we see it is actually a receipt for French Fries with a picture on the bottom of a stick figure using the hammer.

Ash: Oh! Now I am knows what to doing!

He picks up the hammer. Then he starts banging on a small tree until it breaks. He yells like a caveman, and then starts running around hitting things with the hammer. He starts banging on a trash can until a police car arrives.

Policeman: Step back, drop the weapon and lie down with your hands up!

Ash: Hamburger!

He hits the policeman on the head and knocks him out. Then he bangs on the car with his hammer until he realizes that the car is a car. He goes to the driver side and bangs the door in, then gets in the car and starts honking it. He gets out of the car and starts destroying everything in sight and yelling "Hamburger!" He hammers bushes, fences, Growlithes, and a few other cars. Then he gets home and starts hammering the floor. His mom comes in the room.

Mother: What are you doing, you idiot?

Ash: I'm hamburgering the floor. Hamburger!

Ash runs towards his mother, but suddenly, he's upside down. His mother sighs, and Ash Ketchup comes downstairs.

Ash Ketchup: I read about how a crazy ax murderer with a hammer was running around the town, and I put two and two together.

Ash's mother doesn't notice him, and slaps Ash. Then she goes inside the other room. The hammer is taken away and burned, and the episode closes with Ash banging his head on the wall while his mother watches.

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