“Gotta kill 'em all!”
Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum is the evil king of pokemon in the Pokemon anime, who has appeared in nearly every episode since the first one. He is also very dumb, where he has an IQ of 23. He used to have an IQ of 24, yet this fell a bit in PokemonNever. He also travels everywhere with his Pikachu, who is evil yet it is somehow hypnotized by his stupidity sometimes. He doesn't lose often in the show, since most of his enemies either have even lower IQ's than him or have too many enemies themselves. He is also the star of Ash's Idiotic Adventures, hence the title. There he is the main idiot, doing very stupid stuff, hence the word idiot. His goal is to become the Pokemon Master, as he already went through three regions in the Pokemon World. He has an evil twin known as Ash Ketchup.

So far, he has collected a ridiculous amount of badges, which he has obtained from beating members of the evil gang known as Gym Leaders.

Ash's Pokemon

There's just too much to list. Besides, we (or I) think that his Pokemon should have their own list, so go here.


  • His last name is a pun on "Catch 'em," yet nobody cares.
  • He has a brain problem that corrupts his speech and causes him to speak wrong. e.g. "Do u liekz Mudkipz, Mishtyz?"
  • He is on the world's ten biggest idiots list and is wanted by P.E.T.P. (the P.E.T.A. for Pokemon) for cruelty to Pokemon.
  • Despite being dumb Ash is quite good at playing Xylophones and Triangles. He is also good at telling the difference between Cow and Miltank milk. This is probably where all his braincells go.