Ash's Idiotic Adventures is a spin-off of the Pokemon Anime that, after being scrapped by the actual anime makers, gained new life in the Unpokemon Channel. This show stars a well known idiot. It is unknown why the anime makers originally made this show, but Unpokemon Channel used it to show that Ash was one of the biggest idiots ever.

Summary Edit

In this show, it stars Ash doing stuff that isn't related to Pesky Monsters, yet sometimes he uses his Pokemon for certain things which end up in disaster. The plots include things like using a Toaster to thinking that the sky is falling.

Although this show is for kids bad stuff might be shown, like Ash swearing in the very first episode of the show. It was censored, though, but... WHAT THE HECK?!? I'm just confused... Well, it makes it more entertaining for the people who are above the age of twelve anyway.

Episodes Edit

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Season 1 Edit

  1. Ash uses a Toaster
  2. Ash tries to go to Bed
  3. Ash gets flushed down a Toilet
  4. Ash gets cloned by Mistake
  5. Ash's Clone eats the Pokedex and Dies
  6. Ash mourns his Clone
  7. Ash forgets who his Clone was
  8. Ash tries to play the Wii
  9. Ash tries to buy an 18+ game
  10. Ash sues Nintendo
  11. Ash and Co. Visit America
  12. Ash Breaks Stuff

Season 2Edit

  1. Ash Runs Away
  2. Ash goes to the Hospital
  3. Ash goes to New York City
  4. Revenge of the Toaster
  5. Ash Ketchup vs. Ash
  6. Ash's Antics
  7. Ash steals a Donut
  8. Ash encounters Team Rocket

Season 3Edit

  1. Ash tries to threaten Gary
  2. Ash Ketchup Returns
  3. Ash tries to play the Internet
  4. Mario vs. Ash
  5. Ash Gets a Job
  6. Ash visits the Library
  7. Career Day
  8. Ash Forgets How to Tie His Shoe

Season 4Edit

  1. Ash and the exploding Grues
  2. I Wonder What This Button Does...
  3. The Wishing Well
  4. Ash goes to Nowhere
  5. Ash Returns
  6. Ash's Holiday in Brooklyn
  7. The Eclipse
  8. PikaMurder

Season 5 Edit

  1. Ash Meets King Grapey-Grape
  2. Ash Goes To McDonald's
  3. Ash Tries To Kill a Spearow With a Toothbrush
  4. Ash Plays Nintendo 3DS
  5. Ash Sends a Virus To Someone's Computer
  6. Ash Meets Justin Bieber
  7. Ash vs. Justin Bieber
  8. Ash and Co. Visit Great Britain

Season 6 Edit

  1. Ash uses a Sledgehammer
  2. Ash Tries to Sing
  3. Ash Makes a Musical
  4. The Horrible Musical
  5. Ash Tries to Multiply
  6. Ash Tangles With A Snorlax
  7. Ash Is Medicinal?
  8. Ash Yells Too Much
  9. Ash and his Dad

Season 7Edit

  1. Ash and Co. Visit Australia
  2. Ash Tries to Enter the Rio 2016 Olympics
  3. Ash and Co. Play The Crew
  4. Pikachu Steals the Spotlight?
  5. Cooking with Brock!
  6. Mudkip.exe
  7. Ash Visits the Appalachians
  8. Ash and Co. Visit Orlando
  9. The Spelling Bee
  10. Ash and Co. Play Tom Clancy's The Division (POSTPONED UNTIL ??/??/15 6th March, 2016)
=== Shorts ===
  1. Ash sings the Pokemon ABC's

Movie-Like Things Edit

  1. Ash Enters a Swearing Contest

Reception Edit

This television spin-off series is positively received since many people see it as "What Ash deserves." Otherwise, how can you hate someone who gets into crazy, yet idiotic, misadventures? .