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Unpokemon:The Pokemon Game is a trailblazer for wiki-based games. One of the creators described is as "…a Pokemon Game with a "Legend of Zelda 1" game format and a fill-out gameplay mechanism, scrubbed of anything childish or weird, with no glitches at all, that anyone can edit." Only the beginning has been created, and the game is in a "pre-alpha" stage.

Pros Edit

The game cannot actually have any glitches. This is because glitches are things that the editor could not take out of the gameplay, and programming errors. Unneeded pages in Unpokemon: The Pokemon Game can be pruned by eliminating all links, and there is no programming involved in the game. This means no one can hack it, or make a bootleg of it. They cannot even customize their "cartridge", because there is no cartridge to customize. Also, its design makes it possible for multiple people to be on different parts without the game running out of memory.

Cons Edit

The game is tied to the Unpokemon Wiki, meaning that if someone plays the game, they have to go to the Unpokemon Wiki. Also, though the game cannot be hacked, people can make a map of all the pages, then skip right to the end. They can even make links to old pages. Since it is made of pages, there are no anti-hacking measures. But the biggest problem is the way it has to be created. People have to create every page, and every scenario, and every chain of events. Thus, it is questionable whether the game will ever really be finished.

Gameplay Edit

Unpokemon: The Pokemon Game starts with you going to the first page. You press links to progress. As you press more links, some lead to "Game Over" pages where you have to go back to the beginning. The aim is to go as far as the game lets you. There is no free gameplay, because you have to press links. It is one of the fairest games ever, because it does not rely on skill, or intelligence, or anything other than luck. It's also kind of addicting, but not as addicting as Candy Crush.

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