"A Foggy-Futured Fight!" is the fourth episode in "Let's Ketchup to Fame!" By this time, it had more viewers than most of the other shows on the Unpokemon Channel. However, there was a temporary lull in production, and when this aired, it had half the viewers, until one week later, when all the viewers came to see "All Hail the Idiot!".

Summary Edit

[Mashtup and Pikao are shown flying from the side against a blue, cloudless sky. Mashtup is slightly above Pikao.]

Narrator: Mashtup and Pikao are zooming to another town using the jetpacks they gained in the third episode, because of a mysterious blip on their radar screen.

Mashtup: What could this M be for? Could it be Muk, or "Me", or...

Pikao: Misty?

Mashtup: Pikao, you amaze me with your thought process sometimes.

Pikao: Well, while you were in the camera, I was reading about Ash's world.

Mashtup: And?

Pikao: Well, apparently they needed a really gullible person to play the part. Then Ash fell out of some natural force that had a black mouth.

Mashtup: What?

Pikao: It wasn't a wormhole, because then...

Mashtup: ...he would be dead.

Pikao: Someone didn't realize it, and thus they assumed it was a wormhole.

Mashtup: Then they used him, because he does anything he's told.

Pikao: Yes.

[Awkward Silence]

Pikao: Ahem.

Narrator: Oh! And they also caught Pokemon along the way!

Pikao: So, what do we have?

Mashtup: An Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Farfetch'd, Tauros, Kanghaskan, Krabby, Kingler, and also some weird Pokemon which look dangerous, unfinished, and monetary.

Pikao: Did you get those on the glitchy shoreside?

Mashtup: Yup. They might be useful if I get into a real pinch. Plus, I seem to have a Ditto for some reason by catching the unfinished one.

Pikao: At least you don't need to catch a Ditto.

[They land in front of a small, red, one-story house. Inside are sobbing noises. PIkao turns into a Pikachu-like form, Mashtup knocks and someone opens the door. It is Misty.]

Misty: Wah! I'm so bored! I have to stay here for some reason! It's so boring! Wah! Wah!

Mashtup: I'm here now.

MIsty: Yeah, while Brock was subduing that guy with blond hair called Brock Konne, he said that someone who looked like Ash who had a Pikachu would come and battle me. I had to stay in this house. Wah!

Mashtup: Will you tell me where the tornado took Ash?

MIsty: The tornado took him to some studios. Then he went somewhere else. I won't tell you unless you battle me and win!

Mashtup: Okay! This won't take long.

[Snapshot of Ash Ketchup's Bulbasaur taking out Misty's Staryu]

[Misty starts crying, apparently for a long time. The thing alternates between her crying and Mashtup's face, which becomes annoyed-looking.]

Misty: That wasn't nice!

Mashtup: That is very, very true.

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